Do you offer local delivery?

Yes. We hand deliver within the Greater Toronto Area at no cost. Outside of the GTA, shipping fees will apply. 

I'm looking for a specific plant, can I order it from you?

If you are interested in a plant that is not currently offered on the site, please send an email to potsandplantstoronto@gmail.com or reach out on social media and we will work on sourcing the plant you're looking for. Because we cannot guarantee we will be able to get the plant you'd like, we do not take orders until the item has been received and is available to be delivered to you.

Will a plant stand be able to support the weight of my plant?

If you have a heavy stone pot or a large plant that is on the heavier side, we do recommend that you choose a maple stand rather than pine. While both materials will support your plant, you will find that the quality of the maple wood gives that extra sense of security you may be looking for. 

How do I care for my new houseplant?

While there are some basic guidelines to follow for all plants such as water, sunlight, and soil, each species requires specific conditions in order to thrive and show their full potential. Please see the "Plant Care" page for more detailed instructions on how to keep your new plant happy and healthy and don't hesitate to send us a message or email if you need any further assistance! 

What size plant stand should I order to fit my pot?

The measurements you see listed for each plant stand size is the size pot that stand will fit. For example, the 10" stand will fit a pot with a maximum width of 10", but the stand itself has a width of 12" from outer edge to outer edge. If you're still unsure, check out our selection of pot/stand combinations to find a stand that is perfectly sized to hold the pot it comes with.